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PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Dalton PTA Parent Message

Our Dalton PTA is an active organization on our campus and is hard at work, making Dalton a great place for kids! Family involvement is the key to our children's success. Parents can make a difference by staying up-to-date on classroom and school news, attending school events whenever possible, and addressing concerns or questions honestly, openly, and early on. Our PTA parents believe in giving our students and its community the best experience that we can offer. Our PTA raises money annually through fundraisers, which predominantly pays for class field trips. Our PTA does not limit the funding to field trips, but to other school events for staff, students, and the community.

Thank you Dalton families for being involved in your child's education. We want to work together to make Dalton School a great place for kids and families! We know your involvement with Dalton PTA will aid in that success and is always greatly appreciated. Membership is only $5.00 per person. Please join us at our regular Dalton PTA General Meetings to support our programs and initiatives for students. How can you become a part of PTA or enjoy what it has to offer?  Contact our PTA president Diana Ochoa at


PTA Events for the 23024 School Year:

Pretzel Fundraiser January 22

Max's Fundraiser Dec. 11 

Winter Event Dec. 7

 Coffee Fundraiser Nov. 27-Dec. 8

2nd Annual Trunk or Treat October 26

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